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Сообщение Camalleon » 26 фев 2015, 04:23

The xsolla module is not active? what is the cost? or just connect with xsolla and receive my players?

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Re: Xsolla

Сообщение Gorlum » 26 фев 2015, 11:24

Oh, damn. I just forgot about this. I just should remove this drop-down

It was on the dawn of SuperNova - I thought that I will make 2 modes for game: original xSolla mode and my own SuperNova mode. However later I decided to drop xNova mode - maintenance this mode costs too much efforts.

There is built-in internal converter which potentially can convert your base from xSolla. However I'm not sure - how it work now with your build of xSolla. There is pretty much different versions out there - with minor changes between them. You can try just install SuperNova instead of xNova (maintaining config.php file from xNova) and see what happens. It will detect old DB and will try to upgrade to newest one. May be you will succeed. Of course - you should do it NOT ON LIVE VERSION OF DATABASE! Or at least - you should made full backup of your game: site and database - before trying it at home.

Separate converter from your version of xSolla may be ordered for a price.
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